Book Review: Angel’s Share by Mike Ripley

You cannot help but chuckle at the antics of Roy Angel, detective extraordinare. His idea of learning the ropes of working in a detective agency is to read lots of Raymond Chandler  Рhis colleagues are less convinced!

Given the task of tracking down the retired Mr Elrington’s long lost love, he finds life just a little complicated. What exactly does Elrington want from his amorata? Is he really telling all the truth? A shoot out where OAP’s are acting like kids, pirates on the high seas and Huddersfield’s own Double-O-Seven make fascinating reading. You just keep wondering what is going to happen next.

Definitely worth reading. Roy Angel is a detective with attitude, he would prefer to do as little work as possible and scrape as many corners as he can. Unfortunately trouble seems to be attracted to him, however much he tries to avoid it. The results are hilarious. A good antidote for a depressing day. Well written, good characterization which makes you want to hunt out others in the series.

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