Book Review: An Ice Cold Grave

A lightening strike left Harper Connelly with the unusual ability to locate bodies of the dead and feel their last moments of life. With the assistance of Tolliver, her handsome stepbrother, Harper has parleyed her talent into a means of earning a living. Harper’s latest job located in Doraville, North Carolina was supposed to be a simple matter of finding a missing local boy. What she found was a graveyard of eight young men, all victims of horrible abuse at the hands of a sadistic predator. Instead of locating the missing boy, collecting her check and moving on to the next job, Harper was attacked, hospitalized and told not to leave town. The horrors uncovered in that small rural town will shake Harper to her core and put her next in line for an ice-cold grave.

Third of the Harper Connelly series, this book expands Harper’s growing attraction with Tolliver, reformatting their relationship into something that should be fun to follow in upcoming titles. The steady, quick pace coupled with a broad range of characters including some truly nasty antagonists make this a fun, absorbing read although it is a bit unsettling how easy it is for serial killers to hide in plain sight both in fiction and in real life. 


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