Book Review: A Million is Not Enough

>Financial wizard Michael Farr challenges readers to do their homework and become the architects of their personal retirement packages. The Forward by P.J. O’Rourke is hilarious and almost worth the cost of the book which is broken into three parts. Farr gets things moving by showing how Boomers retirement expectations and needs have changed from a generation ago. A retirement worksheet helps the reader define their retirement objectives, enabling them to see what kind of capital they will need to have tucked away. The second segment of the book shows how, no matter how close to retirement you may be, it is still possible to build a respectable portfolio. Budgeting, cost cutting and savings strategies along with risk tolerance assessments are laid out before jumping in to the third section dedicated to growing your portfolio, primarily by investing in the stock market. Assorted investment scenarios and extended budget tables demonstrate Farr’s basic principles to building the sort of nest egg Boomers will need tucked away for a comfortable retirement.

Clear language, graphs and tables allow readers to evaluate and think about planning for their future financial security which Farr claims is within reach of those looking to retire in a few years. In all honesty, this reviewer finds that claim difficult to believe given the number of older workers left empty handed due to unscrupulous companies like Enron. The economic reality is that for many, finding $470 a month to sock away into a savings account simply is not an option no matter how tight the budget is squeezed and the risk of loosing what little savings they do have on the volatile stock market is terrifying. For those just entering the job market or are several years away from retirement, Farr’s principles and investment strategies should get readers motivated to take charge of their financial future.

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