Book Review: A Grave Breach

One man’s quest for vengeance takes a horrifying toll in this suspense thriller that places lawyer John Cann at odds with his principles when trusted friend and boss Arthur Matsen asks him to defend notorious war criminal Dubran Mribic. A damning film clip shows Mribic’s atrocities against Bosnian Muslims but his reputation is well known throughout the world and now, with his capture in Germany, there is a chance of seeing justice done. Arthur’s request doesn’t make sense but then, as John quickly discovers, there are powerful forces at work in this twisted tale of memories, unquestioning loyalty and revenge. Against this backdrop is an interesting subplot that keeps events of the past in focus as John’s ward, Janie Reston continues to recover from the brutal attack that left her physically and mentally broken. The psychiatrist in charge of her treatment has a private agenda regarding repressed memory and has no qualms about using Janie to further his ends.

Past and present collide with morals and principles as the protagonists are drawn further into an elaborate trap in a nicely crafted suspense story humanized by Janie’s ongoing trials. There are a few holes in the plot but the concise dialog helps sustain a brisk pace while hints of budding love interest counter the sometimes, brutal action that wraps up with a surprisingly sweet ending.

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