Book Review: 500 Glass Objects: A Celebration of Functional & Sculptural Glass

From its discovery, glass has fascinated the artist with its ability to flow, change form and adapt to the furnace, blowpipe, casting, fusing and a myriad of finishing processes. Gallery director Maurine Littleton had the unenviable task of selecting those pieces that most reflect the art of glasswork, the result is showcased in this stunning collection. Here is an unabashed celebration of glasswork in all its forms from the impossibly gracile lines of Dante Marioni’s blown “Blue Trio” to the organic designs of Janet Kelman. Sculptural pieces like Shelley Muzylowski Allen’s “Quixote” horse invoke the feel of ancient Chinese art while Hans Godo Frebel appears to have hit the pause button on three dancers in mid performance. Sally Prasch has frozen the splash of a drop of water in clear glass, an instant in time captured for all to appreciate.  Sidney Hutter’s work has embraced color in all its nuances in three plate glass, laminated, ground and polished vases that leave the viewer seeing something different each time they look at it.

Along with the artist and title, each piece includes measurements and techniques used in its creation. Whatever your preference or discipline, there is page after page of serious eye candy here and no end to inspiration to the artistically inclined. The photography is crisp, clean and detailed enough to show the more subtle aspects of glasswork.

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