Boobs in the news: McCain, Berry and Palmer Tomkinson pop eyes

Blame Meghan McCain for putting breasts at the top of the people news, but the busty GOP spawn of Senator John McCain, out flitting about with the likes of Tila Tequila, has sparked a wave of breasty daredevils.

PopEater reports that McCain was spotted last March having lunch with Tequila.

“Yep, Tequila and I are friends,” McCain tweeted the day of her lunch date with Tila. “She’s an cool [sic] girl and that’s all there is to say!” Tila wrote on her Web page that McCain is “cool, smart” and is someone to “have intellectual convos” with. Tila told that her political views often align with McCain’s.

For whatever reason, McCain recently took a photo of herself stuffed like an overpacked sausage in a camisole casing on her Twitter and everyone went nuts.

“I thought [the picture] was funny and silly,” she writes on the Web site The Daily Beast. “Within a few hours I had caused a minor media scandal. I spent most of the next day thinking about what exactly was so shocking about the picture. It’s not like I was caught making a sex tape.”

“For years I have struggled to accept the fact that the way I look in a tank top comes off more ‘sexual’ than a flat-chested woman,” she writes. “And once again I was reassured by the media that someone with my cup size should always be covered up. Or what, I’ll be seen as a slut? Put me in a tank top and I am suddenly an embarrassment to the Republican Party and women everywhere. The double standard is infuriating.”

Tara Palmer Tomkinson - PR Photos

Tara Palmer Tomkinson – PR Photos

Well McCain’s cups spilleth over, so much so she could ladle some out some flesh to the rather fried egg-ish and certainly bold Tara Palmer Tomkinson, who turned up a London Tatler magazine party forgetting to wear any underwear, donning a transparent chiffon dress with no bra.

Katie Price (Jordan) - EPA

Katie Price (Jordan) – EPA

The always elegant Katie Price made up for the paltry UK cleavage dished out by Tara, and pulled a classic Victoria Beckham look together before tripping the night fantastic.

Halle Berry  - EPA

Halle Berry – EPA

Halle Berry showed them all up, donning real breasts like Tara, but totally winning the boob presentation contest for the week hands down.  Bravo Halle.

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