Bob Geldof Sick of Being Mr. Africa

Bob Geldof has said he is tired of being known as “Mr. Bloody Africa” and would prefer to be known for his music.

Geldof, who was awarded an honoree knighthood for his charity work, says he is saddened that people turn to celebrities more than leaders regards the troubles in the continent.

He said: “Who’s interested if the leader of Niger goes on Newsnight? It’s `Get Geldof’. I’m `Mr Bloody Africa’. Bizarrely in our society, there’s confusion between politicians and celebrities. Bono and I are under no illusions.

“We have an ability to articulate the great wound of the 21st century, and have access to politicians. But would Bono prefer to do this or be in U2? Hello?”

However he was pleased to be receiving a lifetime achievement award at this year’s Brit Awards; saying, “It’s fantastic. Contrary to public perception, all I am interested in is my music. You’d be deluded to think you’d have heard of Bob Geldof if there hadn’t been a co-operative called the Boomtown Rats.”

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