Blood of the Zombies – Book Review

Any boy fascinated by zombies will enjoy this book – as long as they survive to the end!  Insane megalomaniac Gingrich Yurr is preparing to unleash an army of monstrous zombies upon the world.  Goraya castle is not somewhere that you want to be – can you get free?  Or will you join the ranks of the zombies?  The choice is entirely yours providing the dice roll your way. 

The reader is the hero in this book.  At intervals you are faced with choices that have to be made – you may be able to choose for yourself or the choice may be determined by the roll of the dice.  It can get frustrating, as you constantly find yourself sent back to the start, or find yourself in yet another dungeon.  This is a book to be read time and time again, and each time the story will be different.  You can never guarantee just where you will end at any point.

Ian Livingstone is a master of fighting fantasy game books and it shows in this, his latest creation.  Once hooked, the reader just has to keep reading, trying to find the correct answers.  A much needed way of keeping boys reading (while developing their maths skills).  Having said that, it is not just boys and teenagers who will enjoy this book – so will any of Ian Livingstone’s fans over the years.