Blood evidence made public for Chris Brown and Rihanna fight

Crime scene photos of the bloody rented Lamborghini were published and television show Extra revealed them.

A forensics expert declares: “The stiching is saturated in blood.”

Extra asks, “Is this the evidence needed to prosecute Brown?”

The  exclusive never-before-seen photos from inside Chris Brown’s rented Lamborghini taken after Brown allegedly attacked Rihanna show multiple blood stains and smears, scuff marks and a missing cigarette lighter and may tell the full story of what happened. 

Forensics expert Mary Pierson examined the photos for “Extra,” and reveals, “The stitching is saturated in blood.” Pierson, who also saw previously released photos of Rihanna’s battered face tells “Extra,” “Rihanna’s face was bruised and the corners of her mouth did show bleeding. So yes, there could have been blood from the mouth on the console [from] hitting or some kind of low impact blow.”

Pierson also noted marks on the glove compartment and the car exterior as well as tape marks on the stereo which would indicate that police took fingerprints.

Former District Attorney and County Court Judge Jeanine Pirro also reviewed these new pieces of evidence for “Extra.” “The photos identify the crime scene. If indeed it is her blood, and I suspect it is…They have to corroborate everything that she says.” Pirro says the telltale bloodstains could be the last piece of evidence needed to prosecute Brown. “You’ve got it all there. You’ve got this case beyond a reasonable doubt. Prosecute it!”

Tune in to “Extra” tonight for a sneak preview of the photos.


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