‘Blink’ will star Al Pacino

“Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking,” by Malcolm Gladwell is being made into a film. According to Reuters, the starring role will go to the Great Al Pacino.

Reuters also notes: “The project initially had been set up at Universal but has been reincarnated as an independent film, with William Morris Independent’s Incentive film fund coming up with the financing and shopping the package to U.S. distributors here in Cannes.”

This non-fiction title rocked the best seller lists, and Pacino, known for such starring roles in films such as “The Godfather,” “Serpico,” and “Dog Day Afternoon,” is always a pleasant addition.

PW notes that the author: “has a dazzling ability to find commonality in disparate fields of study. As he displays again in this entertaining and illuminating look at how we make snap judgments—about people’s intentions, the authenticity of a work of art, even military strategy—he can parse for general readers the intricacies of fascinating but little-known fields like professional food tasting (why does Coke taste different from Pepsi?). Gladwell’s conclusion, after studying how people make instant decisions in a wide range of fields from psychology to police work, is that we can make better instant judgments by training our mind and senses to focus on the most relevant facts—and that less input (as long as it’s the right input) is better than more.”

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