Bisexuality, ‘True Blood’ Casting and More, Anna Paquin’s Awkward Larry King Interview VIDEO

sookiIn one of the more awkward interviews of late, “True Blood” star and new mom Anna Paquin schools Larry King about bisexuality and reveals how the casting went down for the HBO series along with other subjects as she nervously looks off-camera.

DListed posted the interview where Larry King walked through the whole True Blood timeline with New Zealand native Anna Paquin who assured a concerned King that nudity was no big deal in her country as he pressed the sexual content questions in the show.

But it was his question about her bisexuality that made people take note.  King asked Anna, now married to costar Stephen Moyer, if she was a “non-practicing bisexual?”

Anna looked mortified. “Well, I am married to my husband and we are happily monogamously married.”

Larry never lets up. “But you were bisexual?”  Anna laughs a little and says,“Well, I don’t think it’s a past-tense thing.”

Anna continues to educate him on how sexuality works in an interview that fluctuates between odd and awkward.  Have a watch: