Billy Currington – ‘Enjoy Yourself’ – Album Review

Billy Currington’s ‘Enjoy Yourself’ is an upbeat blend of the country sound with a little pop rock. The album features 10 tracks that tackle traditional country topics of love, drinking and even fishing.

The album’s #1 hit “Pretty Good at Drinking Beer” sets the tone for what fans can expect from the rest of the tracks. The songs also seem to feature a wink and nod from the singer as he jokes about how a bad day of fishing is still better than doing anything else and how he wishes his girl could love him like his dog – who never complains about him leaving the seat up.

Although Currington gets serious about love with the ballads “Let Me Down Easy” and “Until You,” the singer keeps most of the album’s tracks upbeat and happy – even the break-up song “Love Done Gone.”

‘Enjoy Yourself’ is a great title for the album and it is clear Currington (who produced ‘Enjoy Yourself’ with Carson Chamberlain) is having a good time and wants his fans to join the party. It is a nice change of pace from some of country music’s traditional tunes about love gone wrong.

With its blend of country, rock, and even a little island sound, ‘Enjoy Yourself’ is a breezy album that features one toe-tapper song after the next and doesn’t get too serious about any of its subjects. Currington had the right idea in mind with the album’s title and it is one his fans are sure to enjoy.

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