Bill O’Reilly’s Harlem restaurant No Spin Zone

Tuesday’s “Morning Joe”, host Joe Scarborough commented on the latest “foot in mouth” gaffe issued by FOX’s Bill O’Reilly, who had some ill-conceived commentary about his dining experience with Reverand Al Sharpton in Harlem.

O’Reilly said to Juan Williams: “I was up in Harlem a few weeks ago. We went to Sylvia’s, a very famous restaurant in Harlem. I had a great time, people were tremendously respectful. And I couldn’t get over the fact that there was no difference between Sylvia’s restaurant and any other restaurant in New York City. I mean it was exactly the same, even though it’s run by blacks, primarily about a black patronship, it was the same. And that’s really what this society is all about now, here in the USA. There’s no dfference, there’s no diffference!”

Scarborough replayed the O’Reilly soundbite twice while co-host Willie Geist put his two cents in.

Geist: “He (O’Reilly) sounded surprised that it was like civilized, they had waiters and table cloths. What was he expecting, you walk in, they throw the food in the middle of the room and everybody just (Geist flails his arms in the air)everybody just zi – zi – zi…free for all, like what did he think was gonna happen.”

Scarborough: “He [O’Reilly] was also surprised I guess that they were quote, tremendously respectful. That’s just strange, that’s all I’m gonna say… Listen, O’Reilly’s the King of cable, he’s been number 1 for six years. Um, that is fascinating and I’m sure we’re going to be hearing more about that ah, throughout the day. He could not get over the fact that there was no difference, even though the restaurant was run by black people, it is, that is shocking. Whew… so, I’ve got chills right now going up and down my back. I, I’m gonna throw it over to you all, I’m gonna go take a shower.”

O’Reilly further described his experience to NPR’s Juan Williams. “There wasn’t one person in Sylvia’s who was screaming, ‘M-Fer, I want more iced tea,'” O’Reilly said, adding, “You know, I mean, everybody was — it was like going into an Italian restaurant in an all-white suburb in the sense of people were sitting there, and they were ordering and having fun. And there wasn’t any kind of craziness at all.”

CNN jumped on the O’Reilly dog pile, having several people comment and analyze O’Reilly’s remarks that took swipes at rappers and hip hop artists who use the Mother*****r swear word liberally.

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