Beyonce yanks deluxe edition of ‘B’Day’ following lawsuit

Following a lawsuit filed against R&B diva Beyonce, the singer and her label have agreed to stop distributing deluxe editions of her smash hit album ‘B’Day.’ The singer is facing a lawsuit that claims she recorded someone else’s song, “Still in Love (Kissing You),” without permission.

The song was first recorded by Des’ree and was titled “I’m Kissing You.” The lawsuit claims that the singer and her producers recorded the song even after they failed to obtain the permission for it.

The singer and her recording label have agreed to pull the album and the DVD that featured a music video. The label told MTV that the deluxe edition of the album will remain off store shelves until a preliminary injunction hearing – which is scheduled for May 4th.

In an interview with MTV earlier in the year, the singer explained that the song (which she said was one of her favorites) wasn’t planned for the album, but was added as a “last-minute decision” due to people’s positive reaction to her version.

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