Beyonce talks about her marriage to Jay-Z

Beyonce had a “drama free” wedding.

Singer Beyonce Knowles said she had a drama free wedding to hip-hop artist Jay-Z in April in an interview with Essence magazine’s November issue.

This is the first time Beyonce is talking publicly about her lavish wedding to Jay-Z.

‘What Jay and I have is real. It9s not about interviews or getting the right photo op. It9s real,’ Beyonce said.

The singer says she did not want an engagement ring. ‘People put too much emphasis on that,’ she told the magazine. “It’s just material and it’s just silly to me.”

She and her husband both sport a tattoo of the Roman numeral IV, significant because they both were born on the fourth day of the month and they were married on April 4, under a band on their fingers.

Knowles said she and Jay-Z knew they were destined to be together and their commitment to one another was a solid one.

‘We’ve been together for a long time. We always knew it would happen.’

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