Beyonce is looking for some dancers and hundreds apply for the gig

R&B diva Beyonce is conducting a nationwide talent hunt for some back-up dancers, and hundreds applied for the job in the singer’s hometown of Houston, Texas on Saturday.

The singer is auditioning for 40 open spots, and will be holding auditions (similar to what she did when looking for her all female touring band) in New York and Chicago. She has already scouted hopeful dancers in Atlanta and Los Angeles. 
At the Houston auditions, dancers took turns working through choreographed dance routines set to several Beyonce hits – including “Déjà vu.” The dancers’ performances were recorded and reviewed by the singer’s choreographer Frank Gaston (who has worked with En Vogue and Toni Braxton.

The singer’s people will pick 30 dancers from each of the cities where tryouts were held, and the finalist will then be taken to New York or Los Angeles. There, the hopefuls will be shortened to a list of 40 names. The selected dancers will be paid $1,500 – $3,000 a week for their dancing work. They will also receive the exposure of being seen at Beyonce’s live performances.

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