Beyonce and family attacked by PETA people

In the New York City restaurant Nobu 57 Thursday night, singer/actress Beyonce Knowles and her Mother and Sister were the victims of a surprise ambush by two members of People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

The PETA people had won a chance to dine with Knowles and her mum, Tina and sister Solange for the VH1’s Save the Music Foundation.   Knowles told the press she no idea they were PETA members.

Beyonce Knowles owns a fashion line, “House of Dereon”, with her mum Tina, that uses some fur.

During the course of the meal and after placing their dinner orders, the PETA members pulled their public confrontation.  Pulling out a portable DVD player – they played a video narrated by Pamela Anderson detailing the fur industry carnage featuring footage of animals who are trapped, drowned and electrocuted for their pelts.

The PETA members were swiftly escorted out of the restaurant. 

PETA spokesman Michael McGraw says, “PETA has contacted Beyonce numerous times over the years, begging her to stop promoting the violence of the fur industry.”  McGraw hopes that Beyonce’s ambush had an impact on her business practices. “She must be truly heartless to be unmoved by the images of foxes being anally electrocuted and minks having their necks snapped.” McGraw is reported saying by the Daily

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