The Hosts on Kanye West, Chris Brown’s Woes And Betty White Visits The Talk (3/18)


Betty White Visits, The Hosts on Kanye West, Chris Brown’s Woes On The Talk (3/18)

TV Rewind: Our favorite comedic actress Betty White visits The Talk and the hosts dish on Kanye West and Chris Brown’s legal troubles this past Tuesday.

Poor Chris Brown. Poor Kanye West. Not so poor Betty White sidesteps all that human waste of life and triumphs, working her ass off into her 90s with NO mug shots or arrested for battering anyone thankyouverymuch.

Have you seen Sirius XM’s Frank DeCaro and Jim Colucci’s funny ode to Betty?

Here you go:

Can we get to a place where hardworking performers and actors are celebrated for their work and the usual suspect crud sinks to the bottom where it belongs? Who cares what Courtney Love thinks happened to flight 370? She can cool her heels in the jailhouse with Brown as far as we are concerned.

I’ve digressed. Watch as Betty serves up some tasty chat on the ‘Hot In Cleveland’ Live Premiere.

TV legend Betty White discusses next week’s special live broadcast of “Hot in Cleveland” for the fifth season premiere. At 92 years young, Betty White says, “I love going live…I love the adrenaline that you get when you’re live.”

Betty White on ‘Hot In Cleveland’ Live Premiere

Kanye West Pleads No Contest in Paparazzi Case

Kanye West pleaded no contest to misdemeanor battery against a photographer and got probation, anger management, and community service. Sharon Osbourne says, “I just think it teaches everyone that nobody is above the law. The thing is, there are consequences to every action.”

Chris Brown Booted From Rehab and Sent to Jail

Chris Brown was arrested after being kicked out of rehab, and has been ordered to stay in jail until April 23. Sharon Osbourne remarks, “I think he looks totally broken now…You can’t beat the system. Play the game, keep your mouth shut, do your time, and get out.”