Bette Midler talks to Lady Gaga on Twitter over mermaid wheelchair bit (VIDEOS)

Madonna isn’t the only talent that Lady Gaga draws inspiration from.

Apparently Bette Midler is a favorite of hers too.

Midler took to Twitter to share her observations.

“I’m not sure @ladygaga knows that I’ve performed my mermaid in a wheelchair for millions of people — and many of them are still alive…” 

“Dear @ladygaga if you think a mermaid in a wheelchair seems familiar-it’s because it is!You can see it on youtube 24/7-with ME performing it”

“I’ve been doing singing mermaid in a wheelchair since 1980-You can keep the meat dress and the firecracker tits – mermaid’s mine.”


Then she Tweeted:

Bette Midler
. @ladygaga, let’s drink this over at the Emmys in September. Fabulous mermaids can coexist!

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