Best New Medicine Cabinet and Beauty Health Staples for May 2013

This May, we have a small but tight group of new and fabulous finds to tell you about.

These are new products that are indispensable, useful, truly do what they claim and make you gorgeous and healthy.

We tried and tested many new items and found these to be the May 2013 best of the new medicine cabinet essentials you need to see you through a long, hot summer.

Take us shopping with you:



Heart attacks happen lightening fast. It is critical to get aspirin in someone immediately upon any indication they may be experiencing a cardiac event. This clever American company took that urgency and made palatable fast acting credit card sized packets containing potent medication in the form of a powder.

Company president Jordan Eisenberg watched his dad carry around tablets as a precaution for a heart attack and he himself sported antihistamines for allergies and knew there had to be a better way. UrgentRx uses the same active ingredients as the leading brands, fits right in your wallet and no water is needed-just rip open the package and pour the pleasant tasting dissolving powder directly into your mouth. UrgentRx Critical Care is a must-have for heart attack sufferers, offering the doctor-recommended dosage of 325mg of aspirin. There are formulations for other ailments too, including allergy attacks, ache and pain relief and heartburn.This should be in every home and handbag.  



We have written this product up before, so it’s not so new as it is a just a fantastic healing and protective solution for raised scars, especially after childbirth (C-section) and plastic surgery. It’s an effective,  drug-free, at-home method to fade, flatten and shrink old or new scars. 

My neighbor’s child had some major surgery on her leg, and the sheets literally took the angry raised red and purple scar and flattened it out to a barely noticeable line. I use it also on my chest at night to prevent the dreaded between the breast lines-it works!  This is an affordable medical grade product uses advanced, patented silicone technology previously only available through hospitals, burn centers or plastic surgeons. 

ScarAway significantly reduces scars in just 12 weeks or less. Plus, the sheets are easy to use and won’t stain or stick to clothing.   They come on flexible, breathable backing and are large enough to cover an extensive keloid scar, but can also be cut to size.  They ar ethe best in this category of healing prodiucts and even wrinkle prevention.

Swisse Women’s Ultivite Formula and Wild Krill Oil


1 came across this brand at a gifting suite for the Emmys. I lived with it for several months to see if I could tell any difference. My energy levels, concentration and overall wellbeing are up. Plus, I’m a true believer in quality fish oil for internal organ and brain function. I really like the combination of these two supplements for the wide swath of good they both do, and many people (myself included) forget to take multiple pills, but two pills is manageable for most people. The Women’s formula contains 50 premium quality vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and herbs to help support women’s nutritional needs and maintain health.  The multi has antioxidant Vitamins A, C and E and Selenium. Available sizes: 60 Tablets
 MSRP $19.95


The Wild Krill pill capsules are loaded with Omega-3sm essential fatty acids that help maintain good health and  play an important role in helping maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. This supplement is especially beneficial for the heart, brain, joints and eyes. Suisse uses krill and wild fish, not farmed.  Wild Krill Oil provides a source of astaxanthin, a natural antioxidant to help combat potential free radical damage. Suisse Wild Krill Oil is sourced sustainably from the Southern Ocean and is extracted from Antarctic krill, the most abundant marine biomass.

Available sizes: 50 softgels
 MSRP $29.95 | 80 softgels MSRP $47.45 



Viviscal’s new clinical investigation was presented at The World Hair Congress. As the first supplement to ever be accepted into the summit, Viviscal confirmed their 6-month hair growth program, also known as the “beauty pill,” reduces hair shedding and increases hair thickness.

If thinning and brittle hair is an issue, or you just aren;t jazzed about how your hair is looking, look no further. SInce I have taken this (one in the AM, one in PM after a meal) my hair has been Breck Girl fabulous. The supplement doubles your hair’s follicular growth, keeping it in the anagen phase for a longer period of time.

Uma Thurman, Kate Hudson, Cynthia Nixon and Salma Blair are using it too, according to the company. Viviscal is 100% Drug Free. It is the world’s leading brand of dietary supplements and is supported by a combination of over 20 years of research and involvement in the areas of biochemistry and nanotechnology, on-going clinical trials, and product development. Efficacy is proven by 5 clinical studies, Viviscal was able to conclude that with regular use of the supplements, the results were an 18.1% reduction in hair shedding after 6 months, and a 7.4% increase in vellus hair thickness after 6 months.

• Key active ingredients in Viviscal Extra Strength:
- Exclusive and Patented AminoMar Marine Complex which provides the essential proteins needed to nourish thinning hair and encourage growth of existing hair
- Horsetail Extract, an organic form of silica which increases the strength of the hair and revitalizes lifeless hair
• Fortified with Vitamin C derived from the Acerola Cherry (one of the richest sources of Vitamin C available)
Recommended daily intake:
Take 2 tablets daily for a minimum of 3-6 months (1 in the morning and 1 in the evening taken with water after food). Thereafter, to maintain healthy hair growth take 1-2 tablets daily as required.

Gluten Cutter™


Over 70 million Americans are interested in lowering their gluten consumption, according to a 2013 survey conducted by NPD Group, a consumer research firm.  Amazing numbers, as 1 in 8 people are estimated to have trouble digesting this protein composite, as evidenced by symptoms like bloating, gas, nausea, headache, and fatigue. For some with Celiac disease, gluten is poisonous and even deadly if not removed from the diet.

Gluten is found in bread, pasta, pastries, pizza, and even non grain-based foods like soups, salad dressings, sauces, marinades, deli meats, seasonings, soy sauce and even ice creams.  

Gluten Cutter™ literally shields the stomach and small and large intestine from the gluten molecules. One to two capsules should be taken just prior to eating a gluten-containing food.  Gluten Cutter is easy to carry with you and should be in your handbag or computer bag for an unexpected meal out.

“Gluten is such a prevalent part of our diet that it is hard to avoid.  In fact, the USDA food pyramid encourages us to let grains account for up to 20% of our food intake each day,” says Al Baumeler, Sr. Vice President of Marketing.  “Finally saying ‘no’ to gluten doesn’t mean saying “never again” to favorite foods.”
Gluten Cutter is distributed by Core Science Medica, and is available at Walgreen’s, CVS, select Walmart stores, and many other locations.  See for stores near you.  Suggested retail for a 30-capsule box is $12.99.

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