Besieged – Book Review

King Charold is going steadily mad and everyone is treading carefully around him.  His much desired new born son has characteristics of the T’En race rather than the True Men. Death is proclaimed, until high priest Oskane saves his life and goes off to a remote location to raise the unwanted child. 

Oskane has his own reasons – he wants to raise a weapon against the king, as well as the mystical Wyrds. When grown, Sorn finds his destiny – but is it what he really wants? Becoming the Warriors Voice, he leads King Charold into war, killing thousands of people.  Imoshen is a mystic, the only one ever raised by men, has sought sanctuary among the sisterhoods who run the City.  

A feud lasting generations between the men of the Brotherhoods and the women of the sisterhoods is coming to a climax -and King Charald has decided to invade. 

Absolutely brilliant – I am now desperate to read the next volumes in The Outcast Chronicles to find out what happens.  Rowena Cory Daniells is definitely a fantasy author to watch.

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