Ben Affleck thanks beleaguered Bostonians for dealing with more inconvenience

It’s hard enough to navigate the city of Boston these days thanks to the cocked up “Big Dig”, a renovation and transit project that has disrupted the lives of nearly two generations of Bostonians. 

A recent death in one tunnel leading to Logan Airport shows the project has more work ahead. 

Now the natives have other reasons causing havoc in commuting, film production in Beantown.

Actor and director and native boy Ben Affleck is thanking Bostonians “inconvenienced” during the shoot of his film Gone, Baby, Gone.

The Cambridge boy is making his directorial debut with the film, based on the Lehane novel.  John Toll worked with Affleck as cinematographer.

Yesterday officially wrapped shooting, which had Affleck telling local media that he’s thankful to everyone who helped.  “There were a lot of people who had to find new parking spaces, who had to go around a lot of detours.”

Wicked pissa locals and awesome nice neighbors, Affleck, wife Garner and their new baby girl have been living near Hahhhvahd Square. No complaints, fouls or errors, Red Sox fan Affleck referring to them as “respectful and nice.”

The film, starring Ben’s younger brother Casey, Michelle Monaghan, Ed Harris and Morgan Freeman, is due out next year.

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