Bella Slam! Jerry Springer Leaves Monday Night Raw on Stretcher VIDEO


Springer is out- photo from the WWE

On tonight’s WWE Monday Night Raw in Baltimore, Jerry Springer left the arena on a stretcher.

Springer was called in to settle the Bella twins’ feud on WWE’s ‘Monday Night RAW,’ over Nikki’s proclamation she’s happy on her own.

On the Sept. 8 season premiere of WWE’s Monday Night RAW, Jerry Springer tries to help Nikki and Brie Bella in a family intervention to achieve the peace HOWEVER. the Summerslam separation on Aug. 17 is still pretty RAW.


Courtesy of the WWE

Even their little brother comes on stage to try and mediate the riff after mom and dad dial it in via video feed.

Our fearless Jerry goes into the fray and becomes a manwich, watch the video below.  Monsters and Critics emailed Jerry’s publicist for an update and wondered of the lipstick was going to come out of his shirt.

“Jerry is a trooper and doing fine. He is thinking about leaving the lipstick on the shirt.”