Bell X1 – ‘Blue Lights on the Runway’ – Album Review

The sound of Bell X1 is definitely unique, mixing shades of U2 and Blue October into their somewhat “folky” new album, ‘Blue Lights on the Runway.’

Their new album is not entirely mind blowing, but there are a couple of really catchy hooks in the songs and it is easy to find yourself humming “The Great Defector” hours after listening to the song. 

I noticed the significant use of a synthesizer in their songs, which gives a little more flavor and color to their style. The Irish band could make a huge splash in the U.S. markets with the rhythmic, smooth sound on the CD.

The music gives meaning to the word “artist.” Although the lyrics are sometimes off the beaten path, the songs create a very artistic feel. 

The album is classified as rock, but ‘Blue Lights on the Runway’ certainly does not sound like what most would consider rock. It is easy-going, suave, and maintains the band’s style even in its more upbeat songs.

The disc starts out with “The Ribs of a Broken Umbrella,” which gives listeners a taste of what they will hear on the rest of the disc, followed by “How Your Heart Is Wired,” a slower song that leads into possibly the best song of the album, “The Great Defector.”

The band is at its best when giving nothing but pure emotion in “Light Catches Your Face.” The song is flat-out beautiful and gives a lot of depth to the collection.

Bell X1 is touring Ireland and the U.K. through the end of June and just finished their U.S. tour on Mar. 17th. Catch these guys if you are lucky enough to find yourself in Ireland or the U.K. The rest of us will just have to wait for them to come to the states again.

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