Beckham rushes home to London, Dad ill

Footballer David Beckham went home to Britain on Thursday to visit his father, who has been hospitalized after suffering a heart attack.

Beckham, sidelined since Aug. 30 because of an injury, took the first flight from Los Angeles to London after hearing the news and arrived at Heathrow airport at about noon.

“His father had a heart attack,” Beckham’s publicist, Simon Oliveira told the AP. “David was made aware of it late last night. He caught the first available flight and he’ll be arriving in London around lunchtime.”

Beckham allegedly was alone and sat in first class on the 12-hour flight and was the first person to leave the British Airways plane. He was met by two airline officials who had a car waiting on the tarmac.

Beckham arrived at the hospital at about 1:40 p.m. but declined to speak to any reporters.

Ted Beckham, only 59 years of age, was taken to a hospital near his home in east London on Wednesday night, and then transferred to another hospital.

“We can confirm that he is a patient,” Barts and The London NHS Trust spokeswoman Michelle Alexander said to the AP. “He’s in stable condition at the London Chest Hospital.”

Ted Beckham had surgery and is still in intensive care.

A book published in 2005 about his son David led to a falling out between the two, as Ted reportedly did not get permission before writing it, but allegely the pair have since reconciled.

David Beckham joined Manchester United in 1989 at the age of 14, debuted in 1992, and won six Premier League titles and a Champions League medal before transferring in 2003 to Real Madrid.

He joined the Los Angeles Galaxy this year.

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