Barbara and Rosie war of words on ‘The View’

More smelly Gotham news, as “The View” Rosie-Donald drama is still unfolding.  The tension between doyenne Barbara Walters and her sidekick Rosie O’Donnell is not subsiding.   “The View” creator Barbara Walters and co-host Rosie O’Donnell had a make-up room “spat” that boiled over yesterday morning when Rosie called Walters “a f***ing liar.”

The New York Post broke the story, and recounts the tiff starting in morning make-up, when according to Richard Johnson, Page Six of the Post: “Walters, back from a two-week vacation, walked into the hair and makeup room at ABC studios and tried to hug O’Donnell, whom she hired onto the popular show.”

According to Johnson’s unnamed “spies,” O’Donnell “recoiled” from Walters’ and berated the elder reporter: “You kept me in the newspapers this whole time!”

Johnson reports that “View” producers and Barbara Walters tried to appease O’Donnell. Walters, according to Johnson, told Rosie: “I did everything I could to squash the story” – prompting Rosie to scream, “You didn’t call me for 10 go***mn days, and you didn’t tell me what you were going to say on television!”

O’Donnell is still chapped over Trump’s allegations that Walters confided to him privately she had regrets hiring Rosie.

Despite carefully penned statements disclaiming this, Walters now has to sit next to Rosie at work.

Johnson quoted a “View” producer admonishing Rosie: “You’ve crossed the line.” to which O’Donnell replied, “Cameras are now outside of my house where my wife and kids are.” She turned to Walters and said, “You went all around this and never called [Trump] a liar. You never said, ‘Donald is lying.’ You never called him a liar.”

O’Donnell continued lighting into Walters:  “Are you looking me in the face and denying you didn’t tell him you didn’t say this? You’re a (expletive deleted) liar.”

Uber publicist Cindi Berger, who has the onerous task of representing both warring parties -Walters and O’Donnell – said, “Whatever happened in the hair and makeup room was hardly a squabble. It’s business as usual, everyone has moved on.”

Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.