Bad Kids Go To Hell ‘Bad’ Swag Comic Con giveaway

Graphic novel “Bad Kids Go To Hell” is published by Antarctic Press.  The guys are representing at this year’s Comic Con in San Diego.

The premise of the series is centered on five dysfunctional teenagers, each representing a different clique and not overly fond of one another, spend a Saturday detention locked in their school library by their principal. 

According to the author, during its construction, workers found a secret chamber under the library… and died there.  An army of cockroaches crawls through its walls. A few students have seen visions of the undead. Their principal left the school during a fit of violent sickness, and hasn’t returned. And a sixth student they’ve never seen before mysteriously joins them…

BKGTH has a feature film in the works too. 


Visit The “Bad Kids” at Comic-Con – Get Some Really “Bad” Swag
Antarctic Press Booth #2307
July 23 – July 26
Show up dressed as a “bad” private school kid and get a FREE BKGtH backpack
BKGtH Issue 1 sold out across the country being sold and signed by the Bad Kids
BKGtH Issue 1 Covers Signed by the Bad Kids
BKGtH Issue 1 Cover Laminates Signed by the Bad Kids
Also given away is Bad Kids Go to Hell Logoed T-Shirts and BKGtH Temporary Tattoos

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