Avril Lavigne sued for “Girlfriend” and faced with criticism for songwriting

Avril Lavigne is faced with a lawsuit that claims the singer may have borrowed a bit too much for her smash hit “Girlfriend” off her new album ‘The Best Damn Thing.’ The singer is also facing criticism from Chantal Kreviazuk for her lack of writing credit on the album.

Tommy Dunbar, from the 70’s group The Rubinoos, filed a lawsuit on Monday in California’s Northern Federal District Court against the Canadian singer and claimed the singer’s “Girlfriend” borrows from his “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend.”

The lawsuit was filed against Lavigne, her songwriting partner Dr. Luke and Avril Lavigne Publishing. Lavigne’s manager Terry McBride has hired an expert to compare the two songs, and has stated the two songs are different.

Chantal Kreviazuk has not filed a lawsuit against the singer, but has made claims that she deserves writing credit for the album’s single “Contagious.”  Kreviazuk and Lavigne have worked together in the past on Lavigne’s ‘Under My Skin.’

Although she hasn’t filed a lawsuit, Kreviazuk has commented on Lavigne’s songwriting skills. In June’s issue of Performing Songwriter magazine, Kreviazuk stated: “Avril doesn’t really sit and write songs by herself or anything.”

In the interview, she also brought Lavigne’s ethics into question and stated: “That’s why I’ll never work with her again. I sent her a song two years ago called ‘Contagious’ and I just saw the track listing to this album and there’s a song called ‘Contagious’ on it — and my name’s not on it. What do you do with that?”

However, Evan Taubenfeld (from the Los Angeles band The Black List Club) has stated Kreviazuk had nothing to do with the single. Taubenfeld has said he worked with Lavigne on four songs (including “Contagious”) on ‘The Best Damn Thing.”

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