Author Stephen King on Nancy Grace: “the belle of the Freakers ball”

There is a great op-ed in the latest Entertainment Weekly written by horror raconteur and American gothic spiel meister, my fellow New Englander, Stephen King.

King is upset with Georgia legal pit-bull, CNN’s Nancy Grace.  His complaints stem from her unbridled use of the bully television pulpit that damns anyone silly enough to get caught in her cross-hairs.

The subject setting him off involved missing 2 year old Trenton Duckett and his mother, the now deceased Melinda Duckett.   Melinda crawled into a closet with a shotgun and blew her head clean off the day after Grace had cross examined her supervision of her missing child.

King fumes in his assessment of the southern legal eagle ratings queen and beneficiary of the now coined media termed dead mother bounce

King said: “And before you accuse me of writing about news in your favorite entertainment magazine, let me assure you Nancy Grace is entertainment…if, that is, you’re the sort who watches NASCAR for the crashes and Survivor hoping no one will. In the increasingly weird world of infotainment, she is the belle of the Freakers Ball…[Grace] conveys by body language alone the idea that we’re all guilty of something…and she knows it.”

There is a dividing line between real reporting, and sensationalized pap, and pap sadly seems to be winning more viewers than the truth.  King further claims the Grace phenomenon that permeates every level of media and reporting is immoral, and too close to his own horrific imagination that spawned his “Running Man” novel about live execution on television. 

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