Author admits to distorting facts in her Holocaust memoir

Reuters reports that the author of a best-selling memoir about the Holocaust “has admitted that most of the story was made up,” according to the article.

“Misha Defonseca’s book “Survivre avec les Loups” is known in English as “Misha, a Memoir of the Holocaust Years” and has just been made into a successful film,” the article states.

In the book the author claims she was protected by wolves, as well as fed by them, while living in the forests and woods.

Many have questioned the book, and in the article the author stated “And I mixed everything up. There are times when it is difficult for me to tell the difference between what was reality and what my interior universe was. I ask pardon of all those who feel betrayed,” she said.

Legal issues have been uprooted, which Reuters discusses in more detail here.

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