Aussie paparazzi get derailed by Kidman’s free beer

Despite earlier reports on M&C that salt-water crocodiles were enlisted to patrol the grounds of the wedding reception tent, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have done something more clever to keep the paparazzi “diffused” and “disoriented” so they can go about their nuptials as planned.

Australian media reports a case of cold beer was left outside Kidman’s home with a note from the actress.

“After staking out Kidman’s harbor side Sydney house for most of the day, some 20 photographers heard her garage door start to rise and quickly armed themselves with motor-drive cameras.  But instead of a shot of the bride and groom before the wedding day, the paparazzi were met by two women carrying a case of beer and water bottles,” according to the Adelaide Confidential News.  “Written on the case of 24 bottles of ‘Victoria Bitter’ beer was a note: “Enjoy!, Nicole and Keith.”

The Adelaide Confidential reports that the paparazzi thanked their host and enjoyed the beer – “a universal greeting of friendship in Australia.”

Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.