AT&T hitches with right creatives, web series ‘Daybreak’ fast paced, addictive

Web series have come a long way and now have earned the respect of A-List Hollywood and many gifted above and below-the-line talent, all eager to bypass studio cement and charge forth with compelling stories and cutting edge effects and gadgets.

Which is exactly where AT&T wants to be, the corporation wheeling out an array of impressive sexy smartphones and tablets all featured in the surprisingly addictive and testosterone-fueled thriller “Daybreak,” previewed this past week at the classic Sunset Towers.




AT&T teamed up with producer Tim Kring (showrunner for Heroes and Touch) to produce a new online series.




Directed by Jon Cassar (24) and advertising partner BBDO is describing the concept as a “Bourne Identity-type adventure.” Cassar told Monsters and Critics at the premiere party that “this [Daybreak] experience and series I truly am the most proud of, so far.”

The premise follows Ben Wilkens, described as an “Everyman” character, who finds himself at the center of a global conspiracy.

When he discovers a dodecahedron, an ancient and powerful object, he quickly learns that he must restore the object to its rightful place so that humanity will be able to make its next evolutionary leap forward.

Cassar explained to me that the series is to be aired in five episodes, each around 10 minutes, released each Thursday on the Daybreak site, YouTube, and Hulu.

Viewers at home will be able to interact with the show using an Android app tied to a site. JackBoxers is the APP name, and we were able to noodle around with it that night on the stunning sleek HTC One X phone, to dive deeper into the weekly missions and unsolved mysteries. Gorilla Glass, a turbocharged 4G LTE performance with Beats Audio™, 4.7 HD screen, advanced camera, and quick-load movies, games and music makes this HTC One X a totally bitching phone.

Introducing the premiere, Esther Lee, senior vice president for brand marketing and advertising at AT&T introduced direct Jon Cassar and Tim Kring, who spoke eloquently about his love of technology used in televised and cinematic dramas, and his overall enthusiasm for the future in technology. Also at the premiere, David Lubars, chairman and chief creative officer at BBDO North America, part of the BBDO Worldwide division of the Omnicom Group, called the concept a “ ‘Bourne Identity’-type adventure.”

The series has a thriller and a Sci-Fi flavor to it. Daybreak premiered May 31, and stars ‘Heroes’ alum James Kyson Lee (Ando), Ryan Eggold (90210), and Sarah Roemer (Disturbia).

The appearance of the 12-sided dodecahedron links this webseries to Kefer Suthgerland’s FOX series, Touch.

Like DirecTV, AT&T wisely branched their business into content creation, not just a service provider.  And luckily for us, both have delivered really good stuff to watch. AT&T, of course, will showcase their latest greatest smartphones, tablets, and various other devices. Commercials of the future.

For ‘Daybreak,’ AT&T has also released an Android app called Jack Boxer, which you can play with friends to unlock clues to the series, or you can use it to create your own thrilling adventure right from within the app. It’s fun, and I love the grainy video that welcomes you to the adventure.

“Daybreak” will begin online on May 31. The series is produced by AT&T and features the company’s products.

Character synopses:


A reluctant hero, Ben finds himself drawn into a global conspiracy when he comes into possession of the Dodecahedron—an object that can change the world for the better – if he can keep it from falling into the wrong hands.


Sarah and Ben were once a couple. But after years of waiting for him to live up to his potential she moved to New York City to work on a political campaign. When Ben finds himself in hot water in New York he goes to Sarah for help and re-kindles the relationship.

Katherine was Ben’s father’s Teaching Assistant at Hudson University. She will help Ben to better understand her father’s work and search out the secrets behind Nikola Tesla’s connection to the Dodecahedron
A cop who questions Ben in a murder he is investigating, Eric may not be who he seems.

A member of a fringe group of outsiders who call themselves Jack Boxers, Charles will become Ben’s ally in the search for the Dodecahedron.

Another Jack Boxer who will fill Ben in on his father’s affiliation with their group and his study of the Dodecahedron

TIM KRING, Executive Producer and co-creator

JON CASSAR, Director
Jon Cassar is an Emmy-winning Director and Producer.

RAVEN METZNER, Writer and Executive Producer

RSA Films, Production Company
Founded by Ridley Scott in 1968, RSA Films is a commercial, film, television and integrated production company. RSA has collaborated on HBO Voyeur and BMW Films, both of which they produced with the team from BBDO.


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