Michael Marisi Ornstein takes part in LA's Let It Fly art movement

Multimedia artist and actor Michael Marisi Ornstein is in the thick of production with FX's top hit drama "Sons of Anarchy," where he's cast as Chucky Marstein, the accountant who was drafted by the MC to keep a bit of order in the clubhouse.

The part was originally meant to be a one-off, a tiny bit part that was for written for levity in the course of the violence laden series. Ornstein turned "Chucky" into such a compelling character that showrunner Kurt Sutter made him an ongoing cast member and fan favorite.


Michael Marisi Ornstein loves diving into characters that are complicated, and uses several mediums, stage, film and fine art, to convey and communicate a story, idea or emotion.

His art exhibits have been shown in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. His latest art project is part of the Let It Fly public art project, created by Jimmy Arone, who spoke to Monsters and Critics today.

"Let It Fly was created by my son Gianni and I in October of 2012. Once a month we feature the work of a local artist which is installed on the front of our house. The transfer usually takes place on the first."

Ornstein at work on the Let It Fly art piece, June 22, 2013

Ornstein at work on the Let It Fly art piece, June 22, 2013

"Michael [Marisi Ornstein] was here on Saturday on his birthday to paint his piece which will go up on Monday July 1. The pieces are on an 8' x 8' 3/8" plywood 'canvas' which I build in my driveway. So far, it's been a hit with friends, neighbors, strangers and most importantly with the kids who attend John Burroughs High School, which is located across the street from our home."

Michael Marisi Ornstein (L) and Jimmy Arone (R)

Michael Marisi Ornstein (L) and Jimmy Arone (R)

He added, "My motto is...CSI: Create. Share. Inspire."


Michael Marisi Ornstein also spoke to us and added, "I painted this piece on my birthday, the morning of June 22, using oil, latex, oil stick on an 8x8 ft. wooden board."

Finished artwork by Michael Marisi Ornstein

Finished artwork by Michael Marisi Ornstein


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