Grease: You're the One That I Want Live Episode #7 Recap: Final Performances

Well here is it. The last chance for the potential Dannys and Sandys to prove to America they got what it takes. As Billy Bush said, the panel is powerless. After another group number, this time singing "Rock -n- Roll is Here to Stay", another Sandy and another Danny were eliminated, thus revealing who would go head to head in the final round. But first a look back at all the high and low lights in the audition process.

Allie Schulz and Derek Keeling were sent home this week.

Allie Schulz and Derek Keeling were sent home this week.
In torturous style, Billy Bush announced that Laura and Ashley would go on to the finals, sending Allie home. After another look back, this time at Allie's journey through the competition, it was announced that Austin and Max would move to the next round. Derek was sent packing with Kathleen Marshall confessing that the two would work together many times in the future.

The Sandys went head to head singing what Denise Van Outen described as the ultimate Sandy anthem, "Hopelessly Devoted To You". They then confessed to America why they should be Sandy, Miss America Style, along with video clips from their loved ones back at home. Laura's fiancée showed how he was planning for their wedding, which was supposed to take place this coming Saturday. Ashlie's sister showed her support now after years of sibling rivalry. Her sister, Meghan, made an appearance on the show after she was flown in by donations from the Grease message boards. Come on NBC, couldn't you have flown her in?

Next up were the Dannys, singing "Sandy". And like the girls, then professed to America why they should get their votes. It looks to be a grudge match between Austin and Max with the vote difference being only 1% between them last week.

What would Sandy be without her Danny and vice versa? The foursome paired up to give us an idea of the chemistry between them. First up were Austin and Ashley then Max and Laura singing "Endless Love". They then swapped partners and sang "I've Had The Time of My Life".

Even though the panel is powerless they still had to put their two cents in. Kathleen, Jim, and David all said that all of the contestants are wonderful, but in a close call they all agreed that Max and Laura are whom they want to star as Danny and Sandy on Broadway.

I was at first skeptical on the idea of Broadway reality show casting. I am not totally convinced, but I must say that, even through all its corny moments, through my sometimes annoyance of Billy Bush, and the awful idea to label the contestants slacker Danny and spiritual Sandy, I have become quite fond of the show and a few of its contestants. I have definitely voted my fair share of times.

Now Get Voting!

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