Grease: You're the One That I Want Live Episode #6 Recap

Here we are. At the moment we all thought we would be at six weeks ago. We get to decide who will be the next Danny and Sandy on Broadway. The judges didn't trust us, perhaps for good reason, but now it is the semifinals and our turn - Don't Blow It!

This week's guest judge was Rob Marshall, six time Tony nominee and director of the Oscar winning film Chicago - oh and Kathleen's big brother. To celebrate Rob's presence, the Dannys and Sandys performed a group version of "All That Jazz". All that did for me was make me long for the show tunes that were sung for what seems like ages ago, but anyway on to the performances.

Chad Doreck got the boot

Chad Doreck got the boot
The Sandys were asked to show their emotional side with the songs given to them and the Dannys would swivel their hips to Elvis tunes, but first time to crush someone's dreams. In the sing-off would be Austin (who received the least votes) and Chad. After singing "Rock -n- Roll Party Queen", the judges chose to save Austin calling him a triple threat because of his singing, dancing, and acting abilities. I must admit I was quite surprised Austin had the least number of votes, having just predicted last week that he would be in the final two. I thought America had a collective crush on him. Though now it seems that America has a crush on Derek, who someone remains in the top two even though he has faltered the past few weeks. In the end Chad was sent home with Denise Van Outen still professing his handsomeness.

Up performing first was Allie. She sang "Natural Woman". Next up was Derek singing "The Devil In Disguise". If the stress of competition wasn't enough, a video of each contestant's support from home was played bringing most of them to a weeping mess. Austin and Derek were crying because of their close relationships with their fathers, Ashley was crying in remembrance of her grandmother, and Max professed how he wanted to make his brother, leader of the "slacker backers", proud of him. Laura continued the performances with her version of "Don't Leave Me This Way", earning her the best Sandy prize of the night. Max performed "Suspicious Minds", Ashley sang "You Keep Me Hanging On", and after being saved, Austin sang "Can't Help Falling in Love".

Austin pulled himself up in the eyes of the judges, being voted the best Danny of the night by David Ian and Jim Jacobs. He lost the support of who had been his biggest supporter, Kathleen Marshall, who voted Max as the best Danny of the evening. Austin took a hit this week drawing the least votes and America seems to like Derek, but I still predict the final two Dannys will be Austin and Max. Laura and Ashley look to be a lock now more than ever for the final two Sandys. We shall see next week.

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