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Grease: You're the One That I Want Live Episode #4 Recap

By Amy Somensky Feb 27, 2007, 10:16 GMT

Grease: You're the One That I Want Live Episode #4 Recap

Grease is the all-American musical, based on the sub-cultures of high school life in the 1950\'s. The show takes place in the hyperactive Rydell High School, where Danny Zuko fronts his gang - the raucous T-Birds - who romance their sassy female equivalents - the Pink Ladies. When "good girl" Sandy Dumbrowski arrives in town, the Pink Ladies take her under their collective wing. ...more

My Grease recap is a little late this week because instead of getting my weekly does of Grease mania I watched the Oscars. I am betting that most people did as I did, and the ratings will show the majority of people who watched were the ones who recorded and watched it the next day. So..on with the show.

The episode began with just the Sandys singing "Look at Me I'm Sandra Dee", but without any of the Rizzo attitude to it. The song would be a hint as to what would come, as the episode belonged to just the ladies, or a "Sandy Special" according to Billy Bush. We were told by Denise Van Outen and Kathleen Marshall that this would be the week we would find out if the Sandys could act. Well the "we" part was a little misleading because it turned out that it was only Kathleen who would find out if they could act. We were treated to only a few seconds of the contestants locking lips, then it was back to the normal routine.

Kate Rockwell and Kevin Greene

Kate Rockwell and Kevin Greene
This week's sing-off included Chad, Kevin, Kate, and Kathleen. The least vote getters were Kevin and Kate. After singing Blue Moon, the panel chose to go with the audience and let Kevin and Kate go and save Kathleen and Chad in a decision that was not unanimous. Kevin and Kathleen were saved last week. Kevin's luck ran out and Kathleen's acting ability saved her.



Who sang what?

Ashlie - "These Boots are Made for Walking"
Allie - "It's Oh So Quiet"
Laura - "Fever"
Kathleen - "Let's Hear It For The Boy"

The thing the judges were unanimous about was who was the best Sandy, that was Laura and her sizzling rendition of Fever. She is very quickly becoming the favorite to win the whole thing.

Lost in the show was the guest, Frankie Avalon. Instead of spouting off advice to the contestants, he performed "Beauty School Dropout." A performance that made Billy Bush covet the aging man's pilates instructor.

Next it's the Danny's or as Billy Bush might say we have a date with the Dannys. And it looks like it is on between them if the smack they are talking about each other is any clue.

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