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As the US revs up for the first Gulf War, Mexican-American Michael Goliad joins the Armed Forces to pay for college, but soon realizes what it really means to become Property of the U.S. Navy. Now Goliad must fight for love, life and the pursuit of manhood as he is shipped off to his first duty station in the Philippines. All he wants is to be his own man, but the Navy and a certain gorgeous Filipina have other plans. With the help of female recruit Jeri Lewis, his fun-loving bunk mate Schotz and a pair of tyrannical Company Commanders, Goliad is bound to be haze gray and underway.

Show Information

Director: Eliza Beckwith
Based On: -
Dates and Locations: February 7, 2008 to February 23, 2008 at the Kirk Theater, New York


Renaldy Smith Goliad
Raushanah Simmons Lewis
Bryan Close Officer Schotz
Banaue Miclat Grace
Kristin Villanueva
Helen Cox Chief Diaz
Andrew Eisenman Chief Pusser
Laura Hall
Kyle Masteller

Creative Team

Written By Tony Zertuche

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