Armenian Genocide Recognition: “1915 The Movie” Schedule of Events


Starting April 17 “1915 The Movie” will be shown in eight different theaters in Los Angeles and will continue to be screened in various cities across the globe. The movie is a major stepping stone towards global recognition of the Armenian Genocide.


Why is this important? Because one hundred years ago this month, the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) enacted a systematic plan to exterminate its minority Armenian population. Between 1 million and 1.5 million people were killed or died of starvation. Yet the Turkish government still won’t admit this fact.


“1915 The Movie” unveiled at spectacular red carpet premiere in Hollywood. (read the L.A. Times Review)

The event was replete with dignitaries, human rights leaders, producers, actors, media, and special guests who all converged in the courtyard of the historic Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood for the US premiere of 1915 The Movie, co-hosted by AFFMA and the American Cinematheque.

A riveting psychological thriller starring Simon Abkarian (Casino Royale), Angela Sarafyan (Twilight), and Sam Page (Mad Men), with an original score by Serj Tankian (System of a Down), 1915 will be released in Los Angeles theaters on Friday, April 17, in a definitive moment in the movement to end a century of genocide denial.


“2015 marks not only the hundredth anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, but also the close of an entire century of forgotten genocides,” said Garin Hovannisian, who directed the movie with Alec Mouhibian. “‘1915’ is about denial – how we try to escape history, how history continues to haunt us. It is also about the need to face the ghosts of our own pasts.”

As the dramatic centerpiece of the Armenian Genocide Centennial, 1915 opens in theaters across Southern California on April 17: MGN Five Star Cinema (Glendale), Laemmle Town Center (Encino), Laemmle Music Hall (Beverly Hills), Laemmle Playhouse (Pasadena), and many others.

“1915” will have its Moscow premiere on April 19, New York on April 22, Yerevan on April 25, and enjoy wide release across the United States, Russia, and Armenia this April.