Archives of Playboy and Rolling Stone now available

That’s right. Ever just want to get a hold of some issue of an old magazine and reread the articles you remember? Well now you can.

Now with the help of Bondi Digital Publishing—a company which develops and publishes a line of searchable digital archives of print magazines people will be able find the article they are looking for.

Right now Bondi is featuring Bondi Digital Publishing’s Cover to Cover series of Rolling Stone: The First 40 Years and Playboy: The 50s. These will both be available Nov 2 and in bookstores.

“Individually scanned page-by-page, past issues of Rolling Stone and Playboy are combined with the Bondi Reader, a groundbreaking and user-friendly magazine browser that is compatible with both Mac and PC. In addition, the unique companion coffee table book included with each box set is filled with one-of-a-kind previously unpublished material, allowing users to complement their digital experience with a hands-on look at behind-the-scenes accounts and editor-selected highlights,” was stated in a Bondi press release.

Now you’ll be able to see the first Playboy issue with Marilyn Monroe, as well as read over their in-depth interviews—a style that is rarely found today.

Included in their press release was the following:

About Rolling Stone Cover to Cover: The First  40 Years
Bondi Digital Publishing, distributed by Perseus Distribution
$125 U.S./$150 Canada
Available November 2007
ISBN-13:  978-0-9795261-0-7
ISBN-10:  0-9795261-0-8
About Playboy Cover to Cover: The 50s
Bondi Digital Publishing, distributed by Perseus Distribution
$100 U.S./$120 Canada
Available November 2007
ISBN-13:  978-0-9795261-1-4
ISBN-10:  0-9795261-1-6
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