Arcadia Falls – Book Review

When the death of her husband reveals major financial problems, Meg Rosenthal is forced to give up her life as a wealthy East Coast housewife and seek a job at a rural private school teaching folklore and literature.  Her teenage daughter is not happy and takes out her resentment on Meg. 

Nor is Arcadia College all that it seems, superstition and myth are very much alive.  Then the deaths start to happen, and there are constant menacing undercurrents.  Meg’s attempts to research the lives of the foundresses result in danger coming even closer to her family. 

The secrets of the past are surfacing and will affect everyone. Can Meg solve the mysteries of Arcadia? When you think everything has been revealed – the very last pages of the book hold unexpected secrets. A very complex, enthralling mystery. 

It was a bit hard to get into at the beginning with perhaps a little too much scene setting, but once the reader’s attention is caught you just have to keep on reading.  Characterization is very good, especially the teenage girls.