Anna Nicole: When will she be laid to rest?

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – The ongoing drama of Anna Nicole Smith’s life and death will not abate.  Her funeral now will not take place before next Tuesday, the court-appointed attorney for the spokesmodel’s baby daughter said Saturday.

Richard C. Milstein said in a statement to the press he was working “as quickly as possible” on the funeral arrangements for the once face of Guess and Playboy centerfold, who died suddenly in Florida on Feb. 8th, at age 39.

Embattled and ridiculed circuit Judge Larry Seidlin, after a bizarre display of overwrought emotions in court, ruled Thursday to let Milstein decide where to bury Smith.

The Miami Herald reports Milstein was in agreement with Smith’s attorney Howard K. Stern to bury her in the Bahamas next to her son, Daniel.

Not content to let the ruling stand, mother of Smtih, Virgie Arthur, filed an emergency motion on Friday asking Seidlin to reconsider the decision.

Arthur wants to bury her daughter near her home in Texas, and has expressed a desire to exhume Daniel’s remains too and relocate to a burial in the Lone Star State.

A medical examiner still has not officially determined the cause of Smith’s death.

Still being decided is the paternity of baby Dannielyn, with Stern, Los Angeles-based photographer Larry Birkhead, and the oddball Frederic von Anhalt, the husband of actress Zsa Zsa Gabor, claiming paternity.

The Herald reports that a private hearing in the Bahamas will determine the girl’s guardianship and will resume Monday between Stern and Arthur.

The judge in that case has barred Stern from taking the girl out of the Bahamas until a custody ruling.


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