Anna Nicole Smith ordered to vacate premises in Bahamas

The day after Anna Nicole Smith buried her son Daniel, a letter was hand-delivered to her house in the Bahamas ordering her to vacate the premises by Oct. 31, reports People magazine.

A Myrtle Beach, S.C. developer Ben Thompson says he is the owner of the property in New Providence where Smith has been staying free. He says he purchased the house for a bit less than $1 million in August as a favor to Smith, whom he befriended after he met her through neighbors in mid-2005. Reports People magazine.

Allegedly Smith was then supposed to sign a mortgage to buy the house from him, he says, but she has refused to do so.  Smith contends the house was a gift to her. 

Thompson tells People magazine: “I never said that. I don’t have that kind of money.”

An attorney representing Thompson delivered the letter to the house on Oct. 20; if Smith does not leave, Thompson says, he will pursue a formal eviction. “I don’t want to embarrass her or humiliate Anna,” he says. “I just need my money, or collateral, back.”

The possible eviction  poses questions for Smith, who applied for residency based on home ownership.  If she returns to her home in California, she could also face a paternity suit filed by Birkhead.


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