Animal Planet’s Ice Cold Gold – Mining in Greenland Back March 5

TV Picks: Animal Planet’s Ice Cold Gold – Mining in Greenland – Returns March 5, at 10 PM

Ice Cold Gold - Mining in Greenland

Time to gather up your heavy loaded calories (bacon we are looking at you) and head to the Great White North, eh, for some prospecting.

This series follows a band of American prospectors who leave behind everything to explore a new frontier – Greenland – which is covered by the world’s largest ice sheet that hides enormous riches of gold and precious gems.

At the beginning of this 12-episode season, the miners are greeted with devastating news: the government sets new restrictions and takes their 13-million-dollar ruby deposit. This major setback sends the miners into complete disarray.


Their new game plan is to rapidly conquer multiple targets at a furious pace. All targets are situated north of the Arctic Circle, which is an area that’s wilder and more remote than the miners ever have faced.

The miners enlist two new members: Doug Stoup, a renowned Arctic expedition leader, and Nuunu, a guard dog to protect the camp from ravenous wildlife.

The miners explore dangerous locations, which include polar bears, thick ice sheets, volatile ice caves, death-defying mountainsides and dizzying glacier peaks. Staking claim after claim and searching for gold and diamonds, they bring themselves to the brink: lives are almost lost, and dreams are almost destroyed. But can they strike paydirt?

ICE COLD GOLD is a production of Moxie Pictures for Animal Planet. Executive producers are David Casey, Danny Levinson and Robby Fernandez for Moxie Pictures with Executive Producer Cynthia Palormo and Co-Executive Producer, Katherine Walker.

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