Animal Planet Doses Us With ‘Too Cute Pint Size’ on August 16


Animal Planet Doses Us With ‘Too Cute Pint Size’ on August 16

This is killing me!  Animal Planet, dammit, fat puppies, pudgy pupsters, pink bellies and kibble breath…too much CUTE.

They are serving up double the cute in half the time!

Animal Planet has transformed its hit, Emmy®-nominated series Too Cute into half hours, serving up double the kitten and canine cuteness in half the time. Too Cute Pint Size premieres Saturday, August 16, at 8 PM ET/PT; the season’s 12 episodes are double stacked each week.


Each episode focuses on two litters of the world’s most delightful darlings, and with pint-sized episodes, the best moments of the first eight weeks of life are packed into one extra-cuddly half hour.

From Animal Planet

Let’s spy on tubby bulldog puppy Dexter during the premiere episode. He doesn’t quite fit the family mold. His siblings and mom Stella are lovable and lazy and prefer a good snooze to a good run. But Dexter feels inspired by the athleticism of the family’s terrier, and the sweet bulldog pup is determined to master the backyard agility course too. Dexter’s stumpy little legs and roly-poly body are holding him back. Can our adorable little guy ever be the athlete he dreams he could be? Dexter, his mom and siblings deliver a surprise just right for a TOO CUTE! PINT SIZED premiere.

cute 2

Dexter’s story – along with the stories of each animal baby featured in TOO CUTE! PINT SIZED – makes getting off the couch on Saturday nights nearly impossible. Emmy®-nominated narration by Henry Strozier weaves engaging tales about adorable first moments of life, and episodes spotlight a variety of puppies (including English bulldogs, English mastiffs, pugs, Irish setters and mixed breed pups); a slew of kittens (including Siamese, British shorthairs, Abyssinians, ragdolls and kitty mixes); and even a menagerie of other cute critters (including barnyard babies and a hedgehog.)


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