Angelina Jolie to make peace with dad Jon Voight?

Life is short, and with her mother passing away this year, there is rumor that humanitarian advocate and mother of four, Angelina Jolie, just may soften her stance with regards to her fractious relationship with dad, Jon Voight.

“I am hoping my relationship with my father will be more private in the future,” Jolie told the U.K.’s Evening Standard newspaper in an interview this week. “At the end of the day we both wish the best for each other and we’ll try to start communicating in some way.”

People magazine reports that Jolie and Voight have had very little contact since 2002, when Voight made comments to Access Hollywood suggesting that she was mentally unstable. They incorrectly identify her mother as “A French actress.”  people-source

Jolie stated in past interviews that she was done with Voight, and claimed her dad cheated on her late mother, the American-born actress, Marcheline Bertrand. 

Her mother was an American actress of French-Canadian and Indigenous Iroquois decent. According to daughter Angelina Jolie, Bertrand is often wrongly identified as a French actress: “My mom is as far from French Parisian as you can get. She’s part Iroquois Indian, from Chicago. She grew up in a bowling alley that my grandparents owned.” source

In the interview with the Standard, Jolie praises the parents of partner Brad Pitt for accepting her and her children she had adopted. “When I first met them I came in with two adopted children from other countries and I didn’t know how they were going to be. But they are equally loving with them.”


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