Angela V. Shelton talks Spencer and NBC’s ‘I’m a Celebrity’ experience

Comedian Angela V. Shelton survived a week on the NBC reality series, “I’m a Celebrity…Get me out of Here” – enduring the flora and fauna of the Costa Rican jungle, and she has the assorted bug bites to prove it.

Along with some good stories about Spencer Pratt, the resident villain that NBC keeps reeling in and out of the pond to up the ratings and drive interest in the show.

“I’m A Celebrity…Get me Out of Here” will return for the next episode on Monday which is June 8, and it’s a two hour installment from 8:00 to 10:00 pm. And on Tuesday the show will resume in its regular 8:00 to 9:00 pm slot.

Angela V. Shelton spoke to Monsters and Critics about her experience.

I really enjoyed you. You were like one the bright spots on the show which is otherwise, for me and a lot of our readers on Monsters and Critics, a platform for Heidi and Spencer to promote themselves.

Angela V. Shelton: Yes.

I want you to be honest – it seems like NBC is setting up, with all the negative press, Speidi to continue in the show. And I wondered if you could talk about it and your experience with Spencer Pratt specifically.

Angela V. Shelton: With – am I friends with Heidi and Spencer?

You had an altercation with Spencer.

Angela V. Shelton: Right, right.

I’m wondering if you can just talk about your feelings about this?

Angela V. Shelton: Spencer slapped my water bottle out of my hand; what’s really frustrating is when you get hit but people tell you you didn’t..  Because I got hit.

This is the thing. When somebody swats at you, the likelihood of it, unless it was a staged dot, you had practiced the likelihood of them not making contact with you is actually pretty slim; do I believe he wanted to hit me? No.

Do I believe he was trying to absolutely, physically threatening? Of course he was.
He was in my face and he slapped something out of my hand. He made contact with me hand. I don’t think it was his goal to make contact with my hand, but he didn’t control that either.

His goal was to be as physically intimidating as possible and I think that’s reprehensible…and absolutely ridiculous behavior out of anyone.

I know that whether or not Heidi and Spencer come back is going to – that’s going to be decided by the people who are still on the show and whether or not they go through this trial of staying in this house in this house of terror overnight and that will happen on Monday night.

You’ll be able to see whether or not they get allowed back in.  And we have no information inside the jungle about what’s going on.   I haven’t seen any of the shows; I don’t know what you’ve seen or haven’t seen. I haven’t even seen a TV since I got out or a paper.

But my experience of them is that they are definitely people who are 24/7 on their j-o-b of promoting themselves.

Yeah. But hey, that’s their gig – that’s what they do, and that’s fine. But it’s not what we do, but it’s what they do.

That was a very diplomatic answer.

Angela V. Shelton: Mm-hmm.

What do they do on the weekends between, when the camera stops rolling and then Monday when we resume the action. Do they go to a hotel?

Angela V. Shelton: No, not at all. Oh, I can’t stress this enough; everything you’re seeing is a thousand times worse than it looks.

It is so difficult and hard. There are no time outs – we have to do – we have to get our own – gather our own everything; water, take care of our own latrine – all of that stuff.

On the weekends we do more trials and that’s what you see – like whatever you saw on Monday we did on Saturday and Sunday.

More trials; it’s more competing for food and things basic resources. It’s – we have to get fresh water and try to eat and try to all that and hike places. There is no time off – none.

What was the worst experience for you dealing with the insects in the jungle, or coming in contact with something gross?

Angela V. Shelton: We all are covered – I don’t know if you can see it- I don’t know how it shows up on TV, but we are all covered in bites.

Some of them, well they’re all kind of different so sometimes it looks like maybe it was ants and sometimes mosquitoes and sometimes some other crazy Costa Rican jungle thing.

But we are just covered in bites and for the first two or three days they don’t itch and then it’s like crazy itch, you know.

So I think the hardest thing about that stuff is really just we’re just constantly being bitten and stung. And the bug spray seems to be more like seasoning for the bugs than actually in any way repelling them.

Very funny. I look forward to seeing more of you on TV. Thank you so much.

Angela V. Shelton: Thank you.



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