Andrew Garfield and Coldplay on SNL; Emma Stone Cameo, More! VIDEOS


Andrew Garfield and Coldplay on SNL; Emma Stone Cameo, More! VIDEOS

Spider Man star Andrew Garfield made his SNL hosting debut last night with a hand from girlfriend Emma Stone, Chris Martin, Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub.

You can find all the sketches below as well as a stacked Weekend Update, including the return of Kate McKinnon’s Olya Povlatsky and Taran Killam’s Jebidiah Atkinson and writer Leslie Jones’ debut appearance!

Plus, NBC fored over both performances by Coldplay (“Magic”, “A Sky Full of Stars”) and two web exclusive sketches (“Wing”, “Touch O’ Heat”) for you.

Make sure to catch next week as Charlize Theron and The Black Keys head to Studio 8H for Season 39’s penultimate episode.


Donald Sterling Press Conference Cold Open

In light of his recent racist comments and subsequent lifetime ban from the NBA, former Clippers owner Donald Sterling explains how he plans to make amends.

Andrew Garfield Monologue

Andrew Garfield, nervous about his first time hosting, gets some advice from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 costars Emma Stone and Aidy Bryant.


The latest in undergarment technology, Stanx absorbs the smell of excess gas so that a man (Beck Bennett) can go about his day confidently. Gas happens, but no one needs to know.

Celebrity Family Feud

This episode of Celebrity Family Feud sees American and international musicians like Justin Timberlake, Adele, Shakira and Bruno Mars face off in the category, “Something You Do When You Get Bored.”


Oliver Twist (Andrew Garfield) dares to ask for “some more,” but finds himself going up against full-grown woman Deirdre (Cecily Strong) for the last bowl of gruel.

The Beygency

In a world where everyone loves Beyoncé, Daniel (Andrew Garfield) learns the hard way that you don’t say a word against Queen B without retaliation from The Beygency. Not even Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) and Chloe O’Brian (Mary Lynn Rajskub) are safe.

Coldplay: Magic

Musical guest Coldplay performs “Magic” on Saturday Night Live.

Weekend Update 5-3-14, Part 1

Catch up on the headlines with Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Cecily Strong, including Donald Sterling’s racist remarks and Rob Ford’s leave of absence. Olya Povlatsky and Leslie Jones stop by.

Weekend Update 5-3-14, Part 2

Catch up on the headlines with Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Cecily Strong, including a robber who disguised a potato as a gun. Jebidiah Atkinson stops by to review Broadway plays.

Weekend Update: Jebidiah Atkinson Reviews Broadway Plays

1860s newspaper critic Jebidiah Atkinson returns to the Update desk to review the 2014 Tony nominations as well as classic Broadway plays.

Weekend Update: Olya Povlatsky on the Ukraine

Olya Povlatsky stops by the Update desk to discuss the Ukrainian attack against Russia and quote her new favorite show, “Full House.”

Weekend Update: Leslie Jones

SNL writer and Image Expert Leslie Jones stops by Weekend Update to discuss Lupita Nyong’o being named People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Person.

Spider-Man Kiss

Filming kissing scenes for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was harder than it looked for Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Good thing Coldplay’s Chris Martin was around to step in.


What happens when the best man (Andrew Garfield) professes his love for the bride (Cecily Strong) and gets rejected? A reception full of awkwardness.

Coldplay: A Sky Full Of Stars

Musical guest Coldplay performs “A Sky Full of Stars” on Saturday Night Live.

The Bird Bible

Getting your kids to take an interest in religion is never an easy task – until you replace all of the scripture with feathers.

Web Exclusive: Wing

A leftover buffalo wing leads to unexpected sexual tension between a close-knit group of guys.

Touch O’ Heat (Dress Version)

Number one destination for barbecue talk radio, WBBQ! welcomes Sugar Foot Timmy Deveroux to the show. From dress rehearsal.