Anderson Cooper reverts to 12 year-old self over Depardieu plane pee story (VIDEO)

Blaming the coddling of celebrities and indulgence that comes with fame, Anderson Cooper of CNN took to the air last night and has a non-stop pun fest over the French actor Gerard Depardieu’s peeing on the plane incident.

Giggling like a schoolgirl, Cooper could not resist laying the puns and jokes over the bizarre incident where eyewitnesses claim the older actor was drunk. 

Cooper, anchor of “Anderson Cooper 360,” was adding Depardieu to his “Ridiculist” for the Tuesday news of Gerard’s Paris-to-Dublin flight on which the actor reportedly urinated on the floor of the plane’s cabin while the plane was grounded at the tarmac.

Cooper let it rip with jokes about the “Incontinental” thes-peeing thespian who “depends” on the currency of fame to protect him from rebuke.

In closing, Cooper was leveled by the “Depar-doo” story as he had a full-on giggle fit.



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