An American Haunting comes to DVD in rated and unrated versions

Just in time for Halloween, An American Haunting will arrive on DVD shelves in both rated and unrated versions for the suggested retail price of $28.98.
Starring Donald Sutherland (Lord of War, The Italian Job) and Sissy Spacek (The Ring Two, Carrie), An American Haunting is based on the terrifying true story of The Bell Witch of Tennessee.  As the actual events played out, a spirit attacked the wealthy and highly respected Bell family for four years, eventually causing the death of one of its family members. 

In 1818, the family started to experience disturbances on their property and desperately searched for the cause of the spirit in the hope of finding a way of defeating it.  However, the spirit continued its brutal assault, singling out the father, John, and his only daughter, Betsy.  Voices began speaking to the family but never said why they were there.  One day, the spirit pronounced a death sentence on John, and within a year, he was dead.  Shortly thereafter, the spirit left the family in peace, but they were never the same again.  It wasn’t until years later that the horrific truth about the spirit’s nature and origin was discovered.

The DVD is set to include a Making of An American Haunting featurette, interviews with Director Courtney Solomon and Actress Sissy Spacek, Internet Promos, bloopers, and deleted scenes.


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