Amy Winehouse punches and spits on audience at Glastonbury

Amy Winehouse nearly pulled off a great show at a concert Friday.


Winehouse, dubbed the “Crackie of Camden” by, lashed out at a fan, spit gum into the crowd, slagged rapper Jay-Z and called Kanye West a “C-U-Next Tuesday” at the Glastonbury music festival Saturday night.

Initially it was promising as Winehouse, 24, sang “Tears Dry on Their Own,” “Wake Up Alone” and “Back to Black.”

The crowd then turned on her when she invoked the name of her incarcerated hubbie Blake Fielder-Civil. “Don’t boo. I’ll find your phone and ring your mum and tell them about your bad manners,” Winehouse said, per U.K. newspaper The Sun. “Manners cost you nothing.”

The Sun reports that Winehouse then spit her gum into the crowd and criticized fellow Glastonbury act, Jay-Z. “Jay-Z’s got some front to come here with tunes you don’t even remember,” she said.

To top it off, Winehouse then instructed the crowd to welcome the rapper, saying they should be glad Kanye West wasn’t about to perform because he’s a “c—.”

The icing on the cake was when the singer sang her hit, “Rehab” and repeatedly socked an audience member in the front row while working the crowd. (See Video Below)

Winehouse kept singing while she punched the fan.

The singer’s publicist claimed Winehouse lashed out after a fan tried to grab her hair.

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